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A powerful open source Job Board Web Application based on LaraClassifier

Create your Job Board Website

whether you are a recruiting firm, an HR department, a company or an entrepreneur looking to get into the online recruiting industry.

Customizable Homepage

Get an unique homepage by customizing each its sections

The home page (and some other pages) of your website are fully customizable and organizable, and allow you to get an unique website design in just a few clicks.

Unlimited Colors

Extendable Styles

If you are a CSS guru, you will not be bored because the CSS files of the application’s theme will allow you to obtain many color palettes by following our pre-made examples.

Multiple Skins

12 pre-made skins

Not a CSS guru? No problem! We have pre-made 12 skins for you, accessible from your Admin Panel in one click. Or create new skins in one click with no limitation during the choice of their primary color.

Fully Responsive

Having a Fully Responsive Design and Retina Ready

From the Front-end to the Admin Panel, get a fully responsive website (and an optimized website for mobile viewing).

Multi Languages

Support for Multiple Languages

Packed with 4 languages files, ready for use. And you have the possibility to create new languages files and easily translate them from the Admin Panel thanks to a great key-value form.

Multi Countries

Switch to Multiple Countries or Single Country

You have conquered your market and want to expand your business internationally … Deploy your website for another country in one click! All world countries are supported, hence the “Worldwide Job Board Web Application” nickname.

Admin Panel XXL

Innovative and Powerful Admin Panel

Based on a solid, intuitive and secure administration system, the Admin Panel allow you to manage your entire website from a space highly dedicated to customization.

Envato Elite Author

Made by an Envato Elite Author

Created by an Envato Elite author, JobClass has passed all the quality control steps of the Envato team.

Awesome Features

REST API based (RESTful API)

Clean and Modern Design

Fully Responsive (Admin Panel also)

Built with Laravel & Bootstrap5

Geo location supported (with Maxmind free or pro database)

Specific currency per country

Support for RTL direction

Users, Roles and Permissions System (ACL) integrated in the Admin Panel

PayPal Integrated

Google Adsense integrated

Google Maps integrated

Facebook comment integrated

Captcha system integrated

Allow guests to post an ad without being logged (Can be disabled)

Email Notifications (Using local SMTP or Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, or Sparkpost API)

SMS Notifications (Using Twilio or Nexmo API)

Resend Mail or SMS verification feature (Get more users with valid email or phone number)

Chat system between Sellers & Buyers integrated (NOTE: Only Buyers can start the conversation)

CMS for Static pages (Create pages like: About Us, FAQ, Terms & Privacy, etc.)

Contact page (Contact form & Google maps)

Website Sitemap page

Google XML Sitemap & RSS feeds generator

SEO optimized

WebP image format support

Website backup (Admin Panel module)

Blacklist (Admin Panel module)

Plans/Packages (for Premium Ads)

Social Networks Login (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Protecting the users' phone numbers against crawlers

Some Possitive Feedback That Encourage Us

I believe this is the time to review this script. JobClass is a wonderful script for opening job board site within few minutes, full of features, attractive design, payment processors, and many more.
Multi-country and multi-language features are unique.
A complete script, with a very good quality design and a very good support.
Perfect script based on Laravel.
Easy pre-check install process, clean user and admin UI, fast Laravel 5 app and works from get go.


Extended License

Number of end products: 1
Use in a single end product
Use in an end product that's sold
On-demand products/services
Use in stock items/templates


Even if with LaraClassifier you are able to create an online job site, JobClass brings more specifications.

For example:

  • the possibility for candidates to register several resumes (and send the adequate resume to apply to the jobs).
  • and for recruiters to publish job offers for the same company quickly.
  • etc.

Yes, JobClass is a fully open source application.

System Requirements

  • PHP 8.1 or greater (with all default PHP functions enabled including exec(), escapeshellarg(), etc.)
  • MySQL 5.7 or greater (The MySQL user need to have a full privilege to manage the database)
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • GD PHP Extension (or Imagick PHP Extension)
  • PHP Zip Archive
  • Rewrite Module (Apache or Nginx)

PHP.INI Requirements

  • open_basedir must be disabled

Read about Laravel official requirements

Only the PayPal payment plugin is included by default. All the other plugins are sold in addition.

No. Your purchase code is only valid for one server and one domain.

Payment for a license is for life. No subscription.

No. Support is not charged and is not included in the license.

We have deactivated support on Envato because we have been collecting ideas for features from our customers during about 3 years. We had received a significant number of suggestions. And all of our updates (including the latest) are based on these suggestions. So it’s natural for us to not accept other suggestions if we aren’t able to prioritize them (or if we’re going to have to ignore them).

Bug reports are supported. All you need to do is to create a new ticket on our tickets management website (here) by adding as much information as possible about the bug and how to reproduce it.

It is important to know that we prioritize the use of our ticket management platform for better ticket tracking. And it is not safe to ask for your server access information in public.

In general, you will receive a response to your ticket between 2 to 5 working days.